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Re: RHTVision and SETEdit, non-free? are they distributable at all? Anything that can be done about?

	    The RHTVision library source code is based from the source code of the
    Turbo Vision library made long time ago by Borland Corporation, now

Unfortunately, Turbo Vision is not free software.  The things Borland
has said about Turbo Vision are somewhat contradictory, but our lawyer
looked at them just this week and says that we cannot treat it as free
software.  In particular, he said that Turbo Vision is not "public

I asked people at Borland, a few months ago, if they would reconsider
the decision, but they said no.

As regards RHTVision, I know it is not free software.  It could be
illegal to distribute it at all.  I have not looked at that question
because, for the Free Software Movement, it is not a crucial question.
For me, the crucial point is that we need a free alternative.

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