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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for January 7, 2000

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 11:18:11PM +0100, Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
> > If I'm reading this snippet correctly, all it's saying is that the images
> > and other data can't be distributed w/o the GPL'd source code. I'm not
> > entirely sure on whether or not this fits w/the DFSG... glancing thru the
> > DFSG I don't see why it's a problem.
> DFSG requires that modifications are permitted. One possible form of
> modification would be to remove everything but the images and data
> you talk about.
> > >   The artwork and sounds used by Maelstrom are copyright Ambrosia Software
> > >   (http://www.ambrosiasw.com) and may not be redistributed separately from
> > >   the Maelstrom public GPL release.
> This language also prohibit more mundane forms of modifications. It
> seems to me that even minor bugfixes are prohibited, because the
> program is then not the "release" the note talks about.

Apart from all that, the maelstrom source package cannot move into main
until the non-free bits of it have been removed.  I suggest the source
package be split, and multiple binary packages (engine, sprites, sounds) be
created.  I suggest the latter because I remember from Macintosh days that
people came up with all kinds of cool replacement sounds for Maelstrom,
including a Simpsons-based one that way really funny.  (Comets would
appear, so Barney would belch, when your ship was destroyed, there would be
an echoing "D'OH!" sound...)

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