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Re: ibm jdk licence

Ok, I was suggested to bring it up here, to provide some ammunition to
contacting IBM. I am not quoting the discussion replies occured before on

My question:

The following two sentences can be found in the License Agreement of the
IBM JDK and JRE for Linux v1.1.8:

"You may only use the Program Code if you are a current licensee of RedHat
6.0 Linux or Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 operating system. The Program Code may
only be used in conjunction with such products."

I would like to know whether there is a legally acceptable way to install
IBM JDK or IBM JRE on a Debian GNU/Linux system, or the previous three
lines forbid the usage of IBM JDK or JRE on a Debian system. If this
solution contains the need to have a license of Redhat 6.0 or Caldera
OpenLinux 2.2, it is acceptable. If no support is provided in this case,
it is acceptable. An additional licensing fee is acceptable to our
customer, although of course not to the Debian community. No support is
necessary. We (my employer, and our customer) only need a legally correct
solution to provide IBM JRE or JDK on a Debian Linux machine for our  


Robert Varga

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