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Re: FunnelWeb manuals copyright issues

> > > I think so.  I guess someone on deb-legal will tell us if we missed
> > > something.

Eh eh... ;)

> >This is not dfsg-free.
> >I am not allowed to print a book with these docs inside and sell it.
> >Such package wont go to main.
> Drat! OK. How about this?
>    Copyright (c) Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights reserved.
>    Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
>    FunnelWeb manual provided that all notices (including, without
>    limitation, the copyright notice, this permission notice, any record
>    of modification, and all legal notices) are preserved on all copies.
>    Modified versions of this manual, including translations to other
>    languages, may be distributed under the same terms, provided that each
>    modification made to the manual since its original release by Ross N.
>    Williams (www.ross.net) is identified on the page on which it occurs,
>    and the front page of the manual carries a notice notifying the reader
>    that changes have been made, and referring the reader to the official
>    FunnelWeb website at (www.ross.net/funnelweb/).

Looks OK this time - all these restrictions seem to fit within the DFSG
(unless I made a second mistake analysing this ;)

Thanks !
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