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Re: From Corel on the EULA

On 4 Dec 1999, Amy Fong wrote:

> In article <[🔎] E11tlac-00005p-00@washu>,
> Zygo Blaxell  <zblaxell@washu.furryterror.org> wrote:
> >Corel has approximately 400 mailing lists subscribed to an internal
> >news/mail gateway that I wrote (the NNTP server is 'sn' by Harold Sn,
> >somewhere in Singapore IIRC, the SMTP server is 'exim', and the stuff
> >that goes between the two and makes it into a gateway is mine).  The
> >header rewrite solves a number of problems:
> <snip>
> Ahem. Well. Dear? Is it not true that you do NOT touch the Reply-To
> headers? Why do you don't tell those corel dweebs and co. to use it?

Or you could just let the gateway insert the appropriate Reply-To header,
if there isn't already one present.

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