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Re: From Corel on the EULA

Erich Forler [kf4548w2@umail.corel.com] wrote:
> In order to be effective, however, the contract must be binding upon the
> persons who enter into it. In some jurisdictions, contracts entered into
> by minors are deemed by law to be not binding upon them or to be
> voidable at the option of the minor.  As a result, if a licensor of
> software attempts to enter into a contract with a minor regarding the
> use of software it runs the risk that the terms of the end user license
> agreement may not be enforceable.
> The purpose of the ?minor? clause, therefore, is to ensure that the
> license agreement that is entered into between the licensors of the
> software (ie. the many contributors of code) and the users of the
> software is a valid and binding one.

Explain, then, how this same logic applies to accepting code that was
written by minors (the contributors of the code) and ensuring that the
license agreement entered into between those minors and Corel (who is
redistributing the code per the license they are accepting from those
minors) is a valid and binding one.

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