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Re: Free Download End User License Agreement

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 10:37:02PM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca>
> > Corel is merely satisfying a Canadian law  (Corel is a Canadian company)
> > that states that it is illegal for a company to enter into a contract
> > with a minor.
> So, have they broken that one once for every package built by a minor, and
> every package containing contributions from a minor? If so, they probably
> have no right to distribute a good deal of Debian software.

And nor does every other Canadian Debian distributor. And probably
anyone distributing a fair number of other free or semi-free software
collections, for Linux, *BSD, Mac, Windows or DOS. What's your point?


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