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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 10:33:16PM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> AJ:
> > If you want to download something from their site, you have to do what
> > they tell you to. They're not adding restrictions on what you can do with
> Don't forget that they still have obligations to us, regarding our software
> licenses. It's still not clear to me that one isn't being broken here.

What sort of obligation?

It'd be nice if they distributed it to everyone, regardless of age, yes.
They're not required to, though, because that'd be a bit obnoxious on our

It'd be nice if they'd get around to contributing all their enhancements
back to Debian. That's a bit tricky since new-maintainers doesn't seem to
have reopened yet, and it requires doing stuff that's not going to help
their bottomline in any particularly obvious way.

It'd be nice if they'd send their lawyers to this list so that they can
explain wtf is going on, and give us some helpful comments without having
to add `IANAL' or `I am a lawyer, but this isn't legal advice' like the
rest of us do. It'd be nice if they'd read some of the posts to make sure
their in touch with what they're meant to be doing too, considering this
is probably just as new and weird from a legal perspective as from a
software engineering or economical perspective.

Which is to say that for sure, they could be more chummy with us. But
I for one can't see anything even remotely wrong with what they're
actually doing.

But all this talk of how much Corel sucks and how they're conspiring
amongst themselves to destroy us is just getting a bit ridiculous.

BTW, ``It's still not clear to me that one isn't being broken here.''
and the other similar sentiments elsewhere from this thread just smacks
of some weird `guilty until proven innocent' postulate for big companies.
Sure, I can't prove them innocent, because I'm not an IP law expert. But
that ain't my job, either.


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