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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL

Richard Stallman wrote:
>        I'm including the full text below.  What I find particularly odious is
>     not the exclusion of minors (though it is odious), but the contention (as
>     usual in purported EULAs) that Corel still retains title to the copy of
>     the software downloaded, whether it's under GPL or not.
> That could be a violation of the GPL.  I will ask our lawyer's
> opinion.

As has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, Corel is *NOT* attempting
to retain title to GPLed software.  The exact text is:

All right, title and interest in the Software Programs, including source code,
documentation, appearance, structure and organization, are held by Corel
Corporation, Corel Corporation Limited, and others and are protected by
copyright and other laws.               ^^^^^^^^^^ 


Gavriel State
Engineering Architect - Linux Development
Corel Corp
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