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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation o

> I guess you don't include Corel WordPerfect in the downloadable version of
> the CD image, but that's a non-free program from Corel which is mentioned in
> the Corel EULA:

In the final version of the product, WP was taken out since it's still available as a
separate download.

> Is there anything that Corel has
> originated which is included in the download version which Corel doesn't
> license to the public for modification and redistribution?

All the Corel originated components of the download version of the distribution are Open
Source and I believe meet the Debian definitions of "Free".

> It's peculiar that the copy of Netscape Communicator included on my local
> installation of Red Hat 6.1 has an extremely restrictive traditional
> proprietary software license.<snip> I thought that all proprietary software had been
> purged from Red Hat's main distribution.

Go figure!

Erich Forler
Product Development Manager
Corel Linux

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