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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation o

Erich Forler writes:

> > What Corel-written programs are in the distribution, and what are
> > their licenses?  Are any of them free software?
> There are several Corel apps included. They are either GPL, LGPL or CPL (Corel public
> license which is in all matters of substance the same as the Mozilla license).

I guess you don't include Corel WordPerfect in the downloadable version of
the CD image, but that's a non-free program from Corel which is mentioned in
the Corel EULA:

> ... some versions of Corel LINUX may also include certain Software Programs,
> such Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux and Bitstream fonts included with Corel
> LINUX, that are not distributed under the terms of the GPL or similar
> licenses that permit modification and redistribution.

The fact that this text appears in the EULA that people are asked to accept
in order to download Corel Linux made me assume that _some_ proprietary Corel
software must have been included.  Is there anything that Corel has
originated which is included in the download version which Corel doesn't
license to the public for modification and redistribution?

Concerning Netscape:

It's peculiar that the copy of Netscape Communicator included on my local
installation of Red Hat 6.1 has an extremely restrictive traditional
proprietary software license.  (about:license)  It includes almost all
of the "usual" restrictions on proprietary software, with the possible
exception of giving up the right to publish benchmarks.  I thought that the
contents of the standard Red Hat Linux CD were now supposed to contain only
free and semi-free software, or only redistributable software, or something
along those lines -- I thought that all proprietary software had been purged
from Red Hat's main distribution.

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