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Re: SNNS: does it really belong into non-free?

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Siggy Brentrup wrote:
> > According to Joey the offending section is:
> > 
> >  4. If you distribute copies of SNNS you may not charge anything
> >     except the cost for the media and a fair estimate of the costs of
> >     computer time or network time directly attributable to the
> >     copying.
> And he is right!
>          Free means also I can take SNNS, burn it on the CD and sell it for
> 1000$. The above snippet prevents this.

Well, if the above were diluted a bit it would be as
DFSG-compliant as the Artistic license (e.g. You will not be
required to justify it to the Copyright Holder, but only to the
computing community at large as a market that must bear the fee.)


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