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Wine+GPL license?


I have written a little GPL program that extracts icons (.ICO)
from Win16/Win32 .DLL and .EXE files. This program requires
some Wine includes, or should I say Win16/Win32 includes
to compile.

So I included the Wine includes in a separate dir, and stated
that these are released under the Wine license while everything
else is GPL.

As I see it, I did not violate the GPL or the Wine license.
But the GPL license is a bit weird (IMHO), so I can't be
absolutely sure.

I am not a Debian developer and the program (icoutils, available
via Freshmeat) is not debianized yet. But since I'm in interested
in debianizing it, I would need to be sure first.

Please comment. Did I violate the GPL? Should I use a different
license for icoutils?

Oskar Liljeblad (osk@hem.passagen.se)

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