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Corel's apt frontend

Hi Culus,

I spent about an hour today talking to Nicholas from Corel at their booth
here at ALS, and had a chance to take a look at their GUI packaging
utility.  It's called get_it.  It is also linked against both libqt and
libapt-pkg.  According to the copyright for apt 0.3.13, evrything is under
the GPL, and not the LGPL.  As we all know (except Corel, of course),
linking an app against both a QPL'ed lib and a GPL'ed lib doesn't work.
Corel says they will be in contact with you but I thought would let you
know about this.  I can think of at least 3 things that can be done: 1) you
could add a special permission clause to the apt copyright permitting
linking against Qt; 2) you could change the license on libapt-pkg to LGPL;
3) we could let Troll Tech deal with it and hope they dual license Qt under
the GPL (not likely I guess).  It's your code so it your call.  There are
likely to be other apps in this boat in Corel's version of Linux.

Sorry this mail isn't more informative but it's very difficult to write
well from a busy booth, and I won't have access to my mail again until
Sunday evening at the earliest.

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