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xmemos license change progress


After a staircase with Gilbert Therrien <gilbert@ican.net>, author of
xmemos, finally he was kind enough to include the XForms add-on to the
xmemos "license" (see attach).  I quote it because the README doesn't
explicitly state that "xmemos is GPL".

On the other hand, I received this modification as a tarball from the
author.  If debian-legal has a concensus that the license is DFSG-free
now, is it satisfactory that I would use this tarball as the pristine
source regardless I couldn't find the same tarball anywhere else
"publicly distributed"?

What do people think?


    .+'''+.         .+'''+.         .+'''+.         .+'''+.         .+''
 Kelemen Péter     /       \       /       \     Peter.Kelemen@cern.ch
.+'         `+...+'         `+...+'         `+...+'         `+...+'
           xmemos (c) Gilbert Therrien 1997.07.17

xmemos is a little notepad

It has been compiled and tested on Linux 2.0.28 
with Xforms version 0.86.  

The Makefile should need little modification before compilation.

You can find Xforms at: http://bragg.phys.uwm.edu/xforms

To use xmemos
	- untar the tar file  : tar -xvzf xmemos-?.?.?.tar.gz
	- set the variables in the Makefile
	- compile xmemos : make
	- install xmemos : make install
        - create a .xmemos dir in your home directory : cd ~; mkdir .xmemos

This program is in ongoing development, thus it can have problems 
(bugs) which I will correct as soon as I am aware of them and have 
time. I assume no responsibility for loss of data or problems 
associated with the supporting programs (Xforms and other 
software) that may occur.

This version also has limitations. I'm sure you will find some :)
I welcome feedback for changes.  This is my first program using

The licence is public, free, 
but you must give all the files when you distribute xmemos.

You may link this software with XForms (Copyright (C) by
T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars) and distribute the resulting
binary, under the restrictions in clause 3 of the GPL, even
though the resulting binary is not, as a whole, covered by
the GPL. You still need a separate licence to do so from the
owner(s) of the copyright for XForms, see the XForms
copyright.  You are not required to include this paragraph in
the license for deriviatives of this software."

See also the xforms licence.
Gilbert Therrien

PS: You can write to me in french or english. 

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