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Re: Another license from the big boys: AT&T

"Ross J. Reedstrom" <reedstrm@wallace.ece.rice.edu> quotes AT&T:

> Q2.	Can I give the original source capsule to someone else? 
> A2.	You can, provided that the person you give it to has agreed to
> these same conditions. The person does not have to physically sign the
> license, but they must affirmatively agree to the same license agreement
> that you have. We have enclosed this agreement with the package.

So they waive the license's requirement that a physical license should
be signed, but they still got it backwards. They still expect the
redistributor to screen everyone he gives the software to. Which
prevents putting it on an FTP site and is also ridiculous for CD-ROM
distribution -- a free-software CD vendor would never make any
business if they had to solicit "Yes, I have read this myriad licenses
and agree to be bound by them" emails from potential customers before
shipping a disk.

Henning Makholm

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