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Another license from the big boys: AT&T

Hey Debian legal-beagles:
AT&T has released some source under YAL that they are claiming is Open
Source. The software in question is the graphviz library and tools,
for working with directed graphs. the software is  at


and the license is:


Looks a little more open than the some other big-company licenses. They're
very explicit about being able to distribute and charge for derived
software, for example.  The biggest show-stopper I see is they require
a written licensing agreement for redistribution between the licensee
and third parties, with an attached sample minimum license.

There's a real need for good open source graph software. Unfortunately,
this looks _close_, but not quite there. Any other opinions?


P.S. the license on the webpage is nearly unreadable. I printed it and
ended up with 5 pages of classic small type legaleze.

P.P.S. I'm not subscribed to debian-legal. I follow it in the
archives. Feel free to CC: me.
Ross J. Reedstrom, Ph.D., <reedstrm@rice.edu> 
NSBRI Research Scientist/Programmer
Computer and Information Technology Institute
Rice University, 6100 S. Main St.,  Houston, TX 77005

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