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Re: KDrill - YAL

Fabien Ninoles wrote:
>   b) Full source code [binaries optional]
>        You may choose to provide source modifications, and binaries based
>        on those modifications. However, the original program distribution must
>        be present, in its entirety, unaltered, along with your files.

This seems to be all we need for DFSG-freeness.  It explicitly allows
"binaries based on those modifications".  Our tar+diff method seems
to satisfy the second sentence.  At worst case, if you have to repackage
for some reason, you can distribute the "original program distribution"
inside the tarfile.

The only problem might be if the "original program distribution"
contains code under a different license, or perhaps patent-encumbered
or export-hindered code, that we would rather leave out and not
distribute at all.  With this license we don't have that option.

Richard Braakman

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