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Re: KDrill - YAL

This is very similar to what DJB allows for qmail. It will land the package
in non-free. 

On Sun, Jul 04, 1999 at 03:43:16PM -0400, Fabien Ninoles wrote:
> Here's the final licence for KDrill 5.8. I hesitate a bit for
> putting in non-free or main. For sure, we can distribute it because
> of a) [I don't make other modifications myself]. But I'm not sure
> about c) which intend to allow distribution of packages like us
> (original source+patches) but not explicitely allow modified binaries.
> IMHO, this make it non-free, isn't?
> extract from LICENSE:
> ===========================================================================
> Sigh. the legal stuff just gets messier and messier.
> I, Philip Brown, am now writing my own license again. 
> "The Program" in this document refers to kdrill, (c) 1991-1999
> "{A/the} distribution" refers to the full contents of a tar file, or
> other archive, used by me to distribute the program from my ftp or web site.
> The overall purpose of this document is to declare:
> "This is MY program. I care about what happens to it. Don't mess me around
>  or I'll sue your butt"
> Now on to the nice stuff.
> You, or anyone else, is free to use the program whenever, and however they
> like for themselves, for no charge.
> I make no warantee, implied or otherwise, as to the safety, bugfreeness, or
> anything else, of this program [etc, etc].
> That being said, if you TELL ME about a bug, I'll try to fix it :-)
> You may redistribute the program in any of the ways below, without charge:
>   a) A binary-only compilation of an unmodified distribution from
>      ftp.bolthole.com.
>        Adjustments to the Imakefile, or X resource file
>        are not considered modifications.
>        You must provide a noticable message that the full source code is
>        on ftp.bolthole.com, and that I am the original author.
>   b) Full source code [binaries optional]
>        You may choose to provide source modifications, and binaries based
>        on those modifications. However, the original program distribution must
>        be present, in its entirety, unaltered, along with your files.
>   c) A set of patches to an unmodified distribution.
>        You do not have to provide the distribution, just a pointer
>        to ftp.bolthole.com, and a notice that I am the original author.
> ===========================================================================
> -- 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Brian Ristuccia

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