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Re: GPL link against non-free in original work (Re: Isn't a kde version..)

Thanks Brian and Richard.  If the upstream author gives signs of
live, I'll give up this change.  He's been MIA for about 6 weeks.


Brian Ristuccia wrote:

> Still not quite right. This doesn't deal with the fact that xforms might
> come on the same media as the program. I think John or Richard mentioned
> this problem. Try:
> You may, at your option and for the purposes of distributing this program in
> object code or executable form under Section 3 of the GNU General Public
> License, assume that the complete source code for this program does not
> include the xforms library (Copyright (c) by T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars). 
> If you choose not to excercise this option, you may distribute this software
> only under the terms of the GNU General Public License and may remove this
> paragraph.

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