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Re: Isn't a kde version of abiw

Riku Voipio writes:
> The border is drawn in the water.  I know, both are under GPL, but GPL
> mention's kernel and compiler as examples of software falling uder system
> category.

The border is drawn on common sense.  The kernel is clearly a major system
component in Linux.  Qt clearly is not.

> Ok, so you can link GPL'd apps with QTv2, but not distribute them
> together!  Now that's and interesting view of freedom!

The rule exists to block an exploit that could be used to evade the terms
of the GPL.  Recall that at the time the GPL was written there were no free
operating systems.  RMS had to make it possible to run free software on the
existing os's without compromising the goals of the GPL.

> No, but any QT app, would get QT via depencies, so QT would distributed
> normally by the system, right?

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