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Fwd: Re: kdrill licensing

The upstream maintainer of KDrill want to change his LICENSE with the
Artistic. However, he wants some exception to this LICENSE to be
state, eg protection against fork and used into proprietary code.
I know that's don't make it able to go in main, but I would like
to know what you think about the implications of such license.

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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:15:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Philip Brown <phil@bolthole.com>
Reply-To: Philip Brown <phil@bolthole.com>
Subject: Re: kdrill licensing
To: fab@tzone.org

Thanks for the heads-up on the licensing issues.

How about this:

To simplify things, I am hereby (April 26th, 1999) changing the license
scheme on kdrill from here on in, to be the "Artistic License",
found on http://language.perl.com/misc/Artistic.html
as of this same date found above, with the following modifications to that
1.  section 3c of the Artistic license, reguarding renaming executables for
      distribution, is not a valid option, for section 3

2.  You must redistribute the ENTIRE kdrill package
   (determined by the distribution from ftp.bolthole.com),
    if you choose to redistribute it, including all copyright, documentation,
    source code, and any other types of files

General synopsis of the license for kdrill:
You can copy this for yourself as much as you like, make changes for yourself,
You can't pretend you wrote this program.
You must include all documentation, copyrights, etc with any redistribution
you make.
Software CD redistributors are welcome to put this on a software collection.
  However, please have the courtesy to let me know first.

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