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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Chip Salzenberg wrote:

> According to Raul Miller:
> > The problem is that if anyone bases their decision based on Open Source
> > certification they'll find themselves up a creek when they hit the
> > license revocation conditions.  If they can hit those conditions without
> > doing anything unreasonable, they've had their trust betrayed.
> The OSI retains the privilege to decide which licenses meet the OSD in
> our best judgement.  Something that expires the next day isn't going
> to pass, because it clearly opposes the OSD's intent.
> This isn't at all the same as a provision that's irksome but true to
> the ideal of openness, a la BSD's advertising or Apple's reporting.

And of course that's a matter of opinion.  In my (strong) opinion, any
kind of reporting clause is exactly contrary to the ideal of openness.

The ideal of openness is about being able to do what you want with the
code.  Building new works, using bits of code you like, discarding bits
you don't.

Forcing a report at every stage of the way is too much of an impediment,

But I'm not on the OSI board.  *sigh*


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