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Re: The QPL

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> It was certainly the intent to use a free license for gri.  If it
> turns out not to be DFSG-free, please tell me how to modify it.
> The author wants it to be free, but would like to be able to use
> contributed patches or code in a sister plotting package that may
> eventually be sold (this was the plan for gri years ago, but he
> kept giving away so never sold it).  The other plotting package
> is currently downloadable but has no distribution license.

Hmm.  Patches are usually submitted under the same license as the 
original work.  I can't think of any exceptions I've ever seen.
So if that is all he wants, an X-like license would be fine.  
I bet that would attract more people than the QPL would.
The QPL is patches-only; I would certainly avoid any program
under that license.

Richard Braakman

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