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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

you keep arguing about whether the notification clause is free or not with
the excuse "what if it can't be done?" that's not imho why it's not free. it
is non free because it requires those who wish to distribute modified code
to perform a service for a particular entity, apple. whether this is always
doable or not is irrelevant: if i have to do something special for the
origianal author in order to gain permission to do something, i am not free
to do it. if rather than filling out the form on their web page, apple
required me to:
* call their office during business hours
* send a letter by u.s. post within two months of making distributing my
* buy a new macintosh
* raise my right hand above the level of my forehead
* breathe

before i could  distribute my modifications, the licence would still be

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