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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

Seth David Schoen wrote:
> Much obliged for your interest.  (I'm not on debian-legal; is it a public
> list?)

Yes it is. (Note the mail you got had the address wrong; I'm bad about that..
I'll pass the rest of your reply on to the right address.)

> My concerns about the export controls have been getting very little attention
> in proportion to some other concerns about the APSL -- which may be
> reasonable, given that my concerns have fewer practical consequences.
> I asked Bruce Perens about this, and he told me that he believed it was
> another difficulty with the current APSL.  Most Linux people I've spoken to
> say that my point is well taken, while most Macintosh people seem to think
> my concerns are irrelevant or trivial.
> I've actually been discussing this a little bit on Apple's publicsource list;
> the most substantive thing I've seen in response was a long argument from a
> self-described "Apple patriot" who insisted that I couldn't understand the
> nature and complexity of the problems facing a major multinational
> corporation, and that we needed to allow Apple to make its own decisions
> in consultation with its lawyers, who surely knew better than we did about
> the practical legal issues involved.  I wrote a very long reply (privately),
> but I have not received permission to quote this correspondent, so I have
> not posted that reply anywhere.  It deals at length with the issue of
> idealism versus pragmatism in licensing, and insists that free software
> supporters should try to defend their principles so that the idea of free
> software is not diluted past recognition.
> OK, I've put up a version of that message with the other person's comments
> paraphrased at
> http://www.loyalty.org/~schoen/apsl-comments.txt
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