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Re: Postilion's Graphic Files Copyright

On Fri, Feb 05, 1999 at 12:44:00AM -0000, Darren Benham wrote:

> > So, am I correct? If so what path should I take to:
> > 
> >   1. make a legal temp. solution,
> Nothing could temporarily get it into main.


> >   2. maybe fix the problem?
> Get the authors to change the copyright or replace the images (if at all
> possible) with some DFSG-Free ones.


Now this is were the plot thickens. WPrefs.app carries this README:

 This is the new set of icons for WPrefs.app. 
 These icons are NOT GPL. You are not allowed to use these icons
 for anything except WPrefs.app. It's also prohibited to
 redistribute this set apart from the WindowMaker source tree.

 All graphics are copyright 1998,1999 by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg


(this showed up in 0.50.1, I think. It's not in 0.20.3)


* Move wmaker to non-free (please, no!)
* Remove the icons from the tarball (WPrefs will continue to work without
* Change Marco's copyright

The second option breaks WPrefs.app and I'm sure Alfredo (wmaker author)
won't like it, and that will get me in trouble with him. (Breaks postillion
even worse)

The third one is doable, but I don't know Marco's reasons for that
statement, so I don't know what his reaction will be.

A fourth option (which I dislike because it's very treacherous) is to call
the GPL into play.  I'm sure that statement is not compatible with the GPL,
is it?

I wish I knew why Alfredo let this is in the first place.

Now my question: doesn't this fall into the same messy kind of problem as
documentation does? Does it have to follow the DFSG point by point? (Think
'modifications' please)


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