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Re: Postilion's Graphic Files Copyright

> ++++
> All graphics, image and icon files included with Postilion are copyright
> 1998, 1999 by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg <fatal@pc23-c801.uibk.ac.at>.
> These graphics may be freely distributed and modified but ONLY
> _WITH_ this program (Postilion).
> jnb 1/30/1999
> ++++

This is non-free.  DFSG-free needs to allow you to use the parts in your
own work (derive) and that would be disallowed here.  That is a shame, too,
since I've just started using postilion in my quest for a DFSG-Free email

> Postilion itself is GPL'd and the graphics files are in fact needed for
> program to run correctly (read 'at all'). Thus making two packages and
> the one with the icons in non-free seems stupid, since the postilion
> would not function.

I saw that suggestion on -mentor and since it won't run w/o the images, it
doesn't make sense.

> So, am I correct? If so what path should I take to:
>   1. make a legal temp. solution,
Nothing could temporarily get it into main.

>   2. maybe fix the problem?
Get the authors to change the copyright or replace the images (if at all
possible) with some DFSG-Free ones.

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