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Postilion's Graphic Files Copyright


I maintain the package for the postilion mail reader and in the just released 
0.9.0 version a copyright has been added to the graphics files provided my the 
package. Here is the copyright:

All graphics, image and icon files included with Postilion are copyright
1998, 1999 by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg <fatal@pc23-c801.uibk.ac.at>.

These graphics may be freely distributed and modified but ONLY
_WITH_ this program (Postilion).

jnb 1/30/1999

Postilion itself is GPL'd and the graphics files are in fact needed for the 
program to run correctly (read 'at all'). Thus making two packages and placing 
the one with the icons in non-free seems stupid, since the postilion package 
would not function.

I brought up on debian-mentors that I do not believe that this copyright is 
DFSG compliant and it was suggested that I move the question here.

So, am I correct? If so what path should I take to:

  1. make a legal temp. solution,
  2. maybe fix the problem?

Please CC me on this because I do not subscribe to debian-legal.

Dale James Thompson <thompd1@texhoma.net>

"The bad reputation of UNIX has gotten is totally undeserved, laid on by people
who don't understand, who have not gotten in there and tried anything."
		-- Jim Joyce

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