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Re: lprng license

On 29 Jan 1999, John Hasler wrote:

> David Starner quotes:
> > LPRng  is  distributed  under the GNU software license for
> > non-commercial use, the Artistic License for limited  com=AD
> > mercial  use.   Commerical support and licensing is avail=AD
> > able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.
> And writes:
> > What's so strange? How I understand it is that you can use it under the
> > GPL or Artistic License. If you need support or want to include it in a
> > program without following the Artistic or GPL, then email him and he'll
> > hook you up - probably for a hefty fee. Still, completely DFSG-free.
> He is letting us chose one of three licenses:  The GPL modified to forbid
> commercial use, the Artistic modified to forbid all but "limited"
> commmercial use, and a privately negotiated custom license.  Very non-free.
> I suspect that he labors under the delusion that the GPL intrinsicly
> forbids commercial use.  He is quite wrong.  It does not apply to use at
> all.

My reading of his license is this:

LPRng is distributed under *either* the terms of the GPL (which, you will
find forces you to only use it non-commercially) *or* the terms of the
Artistic license (which, you will find, gives you some limited ability to
use it commercially), *or* by special arrangement with the author.

Now, I agree that he is 'wrong' about the parenthetical phrases (although,
it does depend what he means by commercial - the GPL distributing modified
versions commercially binary-only, which could be what he means) -
however, I didn't read his license as trying to 'modify' the licenses as
John says.  Although I can certainly see why John read it that way. 

I suggest emailing him for clarification, anyhow...

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