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QPL v.91

First I just want to thank everyone who has worked with me on the QPL, we
made it rule!  Especially I'd like to thank Troll Tech for giving us Qt and
working with us to put Qt under a license we can all agree on.  Sit down and
have a beer or something Trolls, you deserve it.  =>

Of course, that doesn't mean it's quite perfect yet (naturally) and of
course any problem that can be found, someone will.  Attached is another mod
of the QPL, this one derived from v.91 and contains only 2 fixes, in the
sort of pseudodiff format I used in the first one.

What changes?  Not much, a wording change at the top of section 3 and a
rewording of 4(c) to kill some of the complaints I've heard.  Otherwise, I
think it looks good.  See attachment.

Show me the code or get out of my way.
                 THE Q PUBLIC LICENSE version 0.91+knghtbrd1
                 Copyright (C) 1998 Troll Tech AS, Norway.
                     Everyone is permitted to copy and
                     distribute this license document.
   This license applies to any software containing a notice placed by the
   copyright holder saying that it may be distributed under the terms of the
   Q Public License version 0.91. Such software is herein referred to as the
   Software. This license covers modification and distribution of the
   Software, use of third-party application programs based on the Software,
   and development of free software which uses the Software.
                               Granted Rights
   1. You are granted the rights set forth in this license provided you
   agree to any and all conditions in this license. Whole or partial
   distribution of the Software in any form signifies acceptance of this

   2. You may copy and distribute the Software in unmodified form provided
   that the entire package is distributed, including this License.
-   3. You may make modifications to the Software and distribute your
-   modifications in a form distinct from the Software. The following
+   3. You may make modifications to the Software and distribute them in a
+   form which distinguishes them from the original Software. The following
   restrictions apply to modifications:

# Small wording fix
     a. Modifications must not alter or remove any copyright notices in the
     b. If modifications to the Software are released under this license, a
     non-exclusive right is granted to the holder of the copyright of the
     unmodified Software to distribute your modification in future versions
     of the Software provided such versions remain available under these
     terms in addition to any other license.
   4. You may distribute machine-executable forms of the Software or
   machine-executable forms of modified versions of the Software, provided
   that you meet these restrictions:
     a. You accompany the Software with this license.
     b. You must ensure that all recipients of the machine-executable forms
     are also able to receive the complete machine-readable source code to
     the distributed Software, including all modifications, without any
     charge beyond the costs of data transfer.
-     c. You ensure that all modifications included in the machine-executable
-     forms are available under the terms of this license.
+     c. You ensure that the modifications included in machine-executable
+     forms comply with section 3 of this license.

# Not so small wording fix.  4(c) has been read by a few as ambiguous with
# section 3(b) being worded as it is.  3(b) is fine though and is nicely
# worded <EGO>especially since I wrote it</EGO> but if we say explicitly
# here which terms of the license we want them to follow, we clean it up
# nicely.  (I hope.)
   5. You may use the original or modified versions of the Software to
   compile, link and run application programs legally developed by you or
   third parties.
   6. You may develop application programs, reusable components and other
   software items that link with the original or modified versions of the
   Software. These items, when distributed in machine-executable form, have
   the following restrictions:
     a. You must ensure that all recipients of machine-executable forms of
     these items are also able to receive and use the complete
     machine-readable source code to the items without any charge beyond the
     costs of data transfer.
     b. You must explicitly license all recipients of your items to use and
     re-distribute original and modified versions of the items in both
     machine-executable and source code forms under terms identical to those
     under which they received the items.
                          Limitations of Liability
   In no event shall the authors of the Software or their employers be
   liable for any lost revenue or profits or other direct, indirect,
   special, incidental or consequential damages, even if they have been
   advised of the possibility of such damages.
                                No Warranty
   The Software is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING

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