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Re: is kde and kde app source debian-legally distributable?

J.H.M. Dassen Ray" <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:
> (We're getting into the really hypothetical here, as Troll and KDE are
> working to make this discussion moot, but...)

In principle, yes.  However,

> If I understand you correctly, you're saying something like "Putting
> KDE sources on a Debian FTP site is encouraging people to build
> binaries of them and redistribute these binaries, thus encouraging
> them to violate the license agreement enforced by KDE being GPLed".


(1) The essence of our our package system is to make it easier for people
to build and install the programs.

(2) Last time I checked the kde web site, the only explicit instructions
they had to the effect that kde requires Qt was an error message from
./configure if the qt library wasn't available.  We make much stronger
statements in our debian sources.

(3) KDE doesn't appear to distribute Qt at all -- we most likely would
be distributing Qt.

(4) A significant number of people use our software and wouldn't install
KDE if it wasn't available in our package format.

> This is too far-fetched for me to take seriously. By such a line
> of reasoning, putting binaries of "free for noncommerical use"
> software on the non-free section of a Debian site would be encouraging
> companies to use them. And, even more extreme, putting (source or
> binaries of) GPL-ed libraries on a Debian site could be construed as
> encouraging companies to violate the GPL on them.

I'm surprised by this paragraph -- either it's very obviously wrong or
I'm completely missing your point.  I'll try responding based on what
I understand you to be saying:

Of course we're encouraging people to use the stuff we put on our sites.
In most cases that's not a problem.

If there are cases where that's a problem we should remove the offending
packages.  I'm sure you know that KDE is a problem because of the current
Qt/GPL license conflict.


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