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Current Corresponding Ubuntu Version


I'm trying to install Handbrake from the official Handbrake repository so I can get a newer version than the one in the Debian Testing repository. I would just use the one from the Debian Testing repository, but it has a terrible memory leak problem, to the point where if you have it render enough previews, it'll exhaust your system's memory and quit. I think I just need to choose the right branch of the Handbrake repository. Unfortunately, it's geared toward Ubuntu, so you have to choose the Ubuntu codename which corresponds to the version of Debian that you're running. I'm running Debian Testing* and I usually update every couple days to keep everything running smoothly. Which version of Ubuntu does Debian Testing currently correspond to?

*Partially because I built my current system back in November and Debian Stable didn't have a new enough kernel and GPU drivers for my system - MSI B550 Gaming Plus, AMD Ryzen 5600X, Sapphire RX 5600 XT.


        Josh Blagden

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