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Re: asus eeepc 1225 half solved

On 12/6/19 8:16 PM, Celejar wrote:
Interesting - I have no experience with this, but Firefox does have an
option to disable the default hardware acceleration, and some sites
recommend this to solve performance problems:


In my Firefox, the setting is under Preferences, section Performance,
uncheck "Use recommended performance settings", and then you'll find a
(checked by default) checkbox labeled "Use hardware acceleration when
available". You can try unchecking it and see what happens.


Ok, I disable it, actually it is a little faster, but opera is even faster.

From ps aux I found this option command option in Opera:


As you can see firefox takes up more memory, and opera was startd with --type=renderer , maybe is an option command to disable gpu rendering.

Maybe modern browsers as firefox and chromium have more features ( for commercial purposes, the web is a huge business ) that make them heavy.

The same thing for thunderbird, a simple e-mail nntp client need 200-300Mb to start up.


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