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asus eeepc 1225 half solved

Hello all,

some time ago I wrote about the asus 1225C ( with 2G of ram), a netbook with cpu N2600 from a few years ago. This netbook was sold by the asus branded "linux" and with a 32bit version of ubuntu 12.04. Unfortunately, the support of the video card was proprietary, no longer present today. In fact the gma3600 works with the gma500 driver.
( nice rubbish has made the asus )

I installed debian10 amd64 and the speed increased, but the problem of unsupported video sk remained. The rendering of html pages was painful with firefox, good with chromium, but both (above all chromium) consumed too much ram, even over 1G with a few tabs open.

So I tried to install lightweight browsers like falkon, midori, netsurf, but they all had problems with html rendering.
(while consuming little memory).
I solved by installing Opera browser which, despite being proprietary, has an impressive rendering speed and a low memory consumption.

Now in simpler operations (like light web surfing, mailing, ssh or vim writing) it's as fast as a modern laptop. Even videos with Opera browser are pretty fast, those at 480 finely, a little less at 720.

The netbook is still usable for light purposes.
As a mail client I removed the thunderbird (too heavy and slow) and put it
Claws Mail.
I write this post because there are still many netbooks around (often thrown away) that instead can be used with those tricks.


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