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Re: asus eeepc 1225

Il 21/11/2019 22:28, Dan Ritter ha scritto:
Sadly, the video chipset was always badly supported due to a
terrible intellectual property issue, which has not gone away.

I would strongly recommend getting a replacement. If you can
find nearly any other five year old laptop, it will be better
supported and reasonably affordable now. Replacing a spinning
disk with an SSD makes my 2011 MacBook quite useable these days.


Yes, I know , but when I bought it , there was ubuntu 12.04 LTS pre-installed , and I remenber the video card was supported as gma3600.

The paradoxical thing is that it was branded linux, so I bought it to haven't linux driver problem, instead it had this serius problem with gma3600 acceleration. I use it mainly in the terminal with ssh , it has an autonomy of 8-9 hours, very good for me.

After I installed debian , and the driver installed is gma500 without acceleration.

However, it is wrong to make the comparison with MacBook 2011 , it was a I5 or I7 cpu laptop based, instaed my asus eee pc 1225C is a poor N2600 netbook. I have an oldest HP elitebook ( from 2008 , without linux brand , with cpu intel core duo,ddr2 ram memory) and it work perfectly with debian, ubuntu , arch and freeBSD.

I don't know why asus has marketed this netbook brander linux without video card support.

What do they do at Asus????


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