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Re: asus eeepc 1225

Paul dd wrote: 
> Hello all,
> I bought this netbook in 2014 , it was certificate for linux...but it have
> problems with video card GMA3600.
> The netbook have a N2600 cpu with integrated GMA3600 video card, 2 Gbyte ram
> , mechanic hard drive 360 Gbyte.
> I have debian 9 installed i386. I installed 32bit debian version because I
> hope in a more
> recent video driver, but it was not userfull.
> At first I installed xfce as WM , now I change it with iceWM , and the speed
> is slightly more fast.
> Mainly I use this netbook in the terminal, but using firefox to websurf or
> watching some video it's too much slow.
> What council you may give me ? I thinked to reinstall debian in amd64 and
> after recompile the kernel, excluding all the not userful module inside it,
> but the operation take much time
> ( expecially reinstall debian , I may recompile the kernel on another debian
> machine using cross-compiling).

Sadly, the video chipset was always badly supported due to a
terrible intellectual property issue, which has not gone away.

I would strongly recommend getting a replacement. If you can
find nearly any other five year old laptop, it will be better
supported and reasonably affordable now. Replacing a spinning
disk with an SSD makes my 2011 MacBook quite useable these days.


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