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Re: buster = slow laptop?

Am 06.09.19 um 02:46 schrieb Dekks Herton:
> mark <mark@aktivix.org> writes:
>> Hi people,
>> I'm asking your advice here because since upgrading from stretch to
>> buster, my laptop has "become slow" by which I mean applications take
>> longer to open, new windows take several seconds to complete drawing on
>> the desktop and there's a noticeable lag when I use the mouse to select
>> text (you can see the text becoming highlighted one char at a time).
>> I wonder, is one of the new features in buster (e.g. ACLs) too taxing on
>> my old machine, and if so can I turn it off?
>> The machine in question is a ThinkPad T500, core2duo processor 2.4GHz,
>> with 4GB RAM and an SSD - see https://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:T500 .
>> I installed first with default Gnome desktop, then ran that without
>> Wayland, then switched to Mate, but none of that helped.
>> Any suggestions please?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Mark
> Hi,
> On the face of it no as my T60p made the change fine that didn't tax the
> 2.33Ghz CPU. Maybe journalctl -b might give some clues? What GFX does
> the T500 have? Intel or Ati

Perhaps you try to install the xfce-desktop environment.
Xfce use not much resources.


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