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Re: Discussions about Partitioning

Leslie S Satenstein <lsatenstein@yahoo.com> writes:

> BTW, swap should be completely _unused_ during normal computer operation 
> if you don't want a snail slow machine.
> Consider to install a swap file instead of a swap partition for the rare 
> cases where you run out of physical  memory.
> The only situation you really want a _large_ swap is IMHO when 
> developing kernel programs to get access to the whole messy system via a 
> crash dump.

You might want enough swap to support hibernation.  Even if you don't
use it normally, it can be quite useful for the situations where the
battery runs out completely.

See https://wiki.debian.org/Hibernation and
https://wiki.debian.org/SystemdSuspendSedation for more details


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