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Re: Discussions about Partitioning

Btrfs does copy on write (cow). It is the ideal file system to guarantee a shorter SSD life.
If running btrfs on an SSD, the recommendation is to move /var to a non-ssd drive. 
I use btrfs on spinners but not with SSDs.

Checkout the use of xfs for / and do make a separate /home, (with ext4 format).

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On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 at 7:45 AM, Andreas Schindler
<andreas.schindler@schindlerman.de> wrote:
Partitions on SSD devices are contra productive altogether!

Multiple partitions are relicts from times where storage was small and
file systems were unreliable.
Today you have huge (SSD-) disks along with gigabytes of very fast memory.

Have your SSD device manage as much of it's space on it's own strategy
to extend the life of the SSD and get most advantage of automatic bad
block replacement.

Two or more swap partitions on the same physical device make no sense.
Swapping will  not benefit from this arrangement.

BTW, swap should be completely _unused_ during normal computer operation
if you don't want a snail slow machine.
Consider to install a swap file instead of a swap partition for the rare
cases where you run out of physical  memory.

The only situation you really want a _large_ swap is IMHO when
developing kernel programs to get access to the whole messy system via a
crash dump.

So, on an EFI system, all you need is

- EFI partition
- root partition

and, of course a reliable file system. I'm personally happy with BTRFS.
Never had serious problems, but benefits like snapshot, resize and friends.

Consider frequent backups! SSDs will usually die _completely_ without


On 28.10.18 01:10, bartender wrote:
> Jetzt, da Sie die Diskussion über Partitionen eröffnet haben, lassen Sie mich diesen Vorschlag machen!
> now that we are on the subject of petitions let me just add a suggestion!  someday someone is going to try to format a detachable Drive but his fat finger will make the mistake of formatting your main Drive instead.  if he catches his mistake in time he can stop the computer; but what you want to have on your slices and petitions is something in very low memory and something in very high memory that will not be so critical.  in other words your our home petition should not be the first petition or the last, not in extreme High memory and not in extreme low memory of your storage device.  of course there are many ways to approach this but here's one suggestion :
> partition 5
>     tmp
> p 6
>     swap
> p    2
>     /
> p    3
>     home
> p    4
>     swap
> p 7 and up alloted as you like
> Ciao!
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> ---- Boris <boris@cation.de> wrote:
> =============
> Hallo Sascha,
> nun habe ich keine Lust mehr zum umsortieren. Praktischerweise schreibt
> man auf Listen den eigenen Beitrag unter das Zitat, um den gesamten
> Thread chronologisch lesbar zu machen.
> Am 23.10.2018 um 07:43 schrieb Sascha Furtner:
>> Hallo Boris,
>> zunächst Danke für den Hinweis bzgl. der Liste. Ich bin davon ausgegangen, dass Antworten automatisch an die Liste gehen, da es bei anderen Listen auch so ist.
> Das ist kein Feature einer Liste.
>> Die ersten 4 Partitionen gehören Windows, wobei Partition 4 primär mit MBR ist.
>> Partition 5 ist als EXT4 und 6 als Swap formatiert. Das System bootet mit UEFII. Windows Schnellstart und security Boot sind deaktiviert.
> Sorry, da blick' ich nicht durch. Was sind das für drei Partitionen vor
> der Partition 4? Extended? Und 5 und 6?
> Grundsätzlich musst Du erneut von einer CD (oder einem Stick) booten und
> grub neu installieren. Da ich mich mit UEFI nicht gut genug auskenne,
> gebe ich Dir dazu keinen konkreten Tipp, sondern nur noch diesen Link
> https://wiki.debian.org/GrubEFIReinstall
> und den Hinweis, dass ein Backup ein guter Schutz vor Datenverlust ist.
> good luck,
> Boris

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