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Re: ThinkPad T60p X11 driver problems

Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> writes:

> IBM ThinkPad T60p
> Intel T2600 cpu (32-bits)
> AMD/ATI RV530/M56 GL Mobility FireGL V5200 graphics
> Fresh install of Debian Stretch 9.  X11 starts in software rendering
> mode.  The same laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 runs with hardware rendering.
> Any hints on how what is needed for hardware rendering with this
> hardware combination in Debian?  I am sure this hardware used to be
> fully supported and therefore hardware support must have been dropped
> at some point.


 dmesg | grep radeon

say anything about firmware?  Do you have the firmware-amd-graphics
package installed (from non-free)?


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