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Re: Jessie update notes?


I have gnome-packagekit installed, but it doesn't make the notifications. Some of the packages you listed don't exist in Jessie repositories. I think it's time somebody create a bugreport and send it to the Debian team.


On 20-09-2015 20:43, Bob Proulx wrote:
Hannu Virtanen wrote:
The problem is that with 'jessie' I don't get any automatic notice,
if there are (security) updates available. With previous versions
that was no issue.

I'm using gnome.
Previously in Wheezy 7 and before there were packages called:


I always eschew those and remove them which is why I have the list.
But it sounds like you want them?  In any case when I look now they
all say:

   Transitional dummy package replacing update-notifier with GNOME-PackageKit

Therefore I assume those are all obsoleted now by GNOME-PackageKit.
Do you have GNOME-PackageKit installed?

If so then I assume that having replaced the update notifiers above
that it should be doing the notification.  If not then it looks like a
deficiency of that gnome package that it has replaced the previous.

As I said, I eschew those and therefore can't tell if GNOME-PackageKit
notifies now or not.  I can only presume that it does.


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