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Installing Debian with only 64mb RAM

Hi there,
I've found an old laptop (MAXDATA Artist Stanford) with 64mb ram and tried to install a minimal Debian system. The installer warned me about low system memory but I could continue. I didn't select any additional kernel module and continued again. After loading basic system components (like lilo installer, netcfg etc) the system showed a black screen with a white flashing cursor. And that's it. The installer doesn't go forward. 
How can I complete my Debian installation? I tried to add lowmem=2 and lowmem=1 to the boot options of the Debian installer, but the problem stays unresolved. 
Can I disable network support (I saw that the system tried to load wpasupplicant and so on which I don't need)? Or is it possible to use a swap partition or a “swap usb-stick” for the installer?

If there is no solution with the Debian installer, is it possible to install Debian manually?

Thank you for any help!


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