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Re: Debian on Acer Aspire E15

On Monday 09 March 2015 05:45:27 PM Dave Horsfall wrote:
> New to list, and thought I'd let Debian play with my other boxen, 
> Amateur radio and all that, and it looks like it might be a neat
> entertainment box with its large screen.
> I have a new Acer Aspire E15 that came pre-loaded with Billyware, 
> after first checking it out with FreeBSD I upgraded it to Debian 7.7.0
> (although I see that 8 is now out).
> It sees neither the wireless nor the trackpad, although FreeBSD 
found them
> (and I can't remember what they were); I'm told that this is because 
> are proprietary devices; I wish I'd known that beforehand, but the 
> was offered as a special deal.
> I perused the appropriate web page, but the Aspire E15 is not 
> mentioned.  Can I just barge ahead with one of them and see what 
> or has someone already done this?
> Booting from the FreeBSD CD again, "moused" definitely sees the 
> but it's not clear which device it is; I'm seeing (abbreviated):
>     ums1: <vendor 0x06cb product 0x2970 [...] on usbus2>
>     ...
>     ums1: 2 buttons and [XY] coordinates ID=2
> which I presume is the trackpad (the USB optical mouse is seen), 
>     ugen1.4: <Chicony Electronics Co.,Ltd.> at usbus1
> which I believe is the camera (Debian sees it too).  Hmmm...  No 
sign of
> the wireless here, either.  Have I bought myself a brick, suitable only
> for Billyware?
> Thanks.

I have Aspire E1-571G, with that damnable Atheros AR9462 Wireless 
Network Adapter. Driver in use is ath9k, and both in Debian 7 and 
linux mint 15 before it, only permanent solution was newish kernel. In 
case of Debian 7, that was kernel from backports. Did not need 
installation of firmware.

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