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Current recommended automatic laptop network configuration tools?


Like many, I have a laptop that I use in multiple settings:
- home wired
- home wireless
- work wired
- work wireless
- roaming around (hotels, coffee shops, airports etc.)

Right now, I used wicd, but I get different IPs at home whether I'm on wired or wireless. I'd like to set a static wired IP at home, but use dhcp wired at work.

What do others do now with these sort of use patterns? Is whereami what I should learn to use? All the files refer to old kernels, APM, etc. Does it matter that it is not new?

I found this page about netscheme.py:


I have to type with this one, whereas whereami sounds like it works in the background.

I did also page through many months of debian-laptop, looking for threads about this, but nothing jumped out at me.


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