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Re: netbook hardware recommended for USB3.0 terabyte ZFS?

> Hi, I plan to purchase a (space-saving, outage-surviving-battery-laden,
> terminal-controlled) netbook with gigabyte RAM and USB3.0 high-speed access
> to my external terabytes and plan to create a Zettabyte File System on it
> that is then served via wired fast and wireless Ethernet and not spend too
> many or to few euros on it.

I don't really understand your constraints: e.g. why USB3?
Wouldn't you prefer SATA?  I've had various problems over the years with
disks connected 24/7 via USB, so I tend to prefer SATA (which also
offers you generally better support for hdparm/smartctl features).

I personally like to use thingies like the Cubietruck (no USB3, but
does have SATA): they're fairly cheap and are much more power-efficient
(my cubietruck with a 2TB 2½ disk hovers around 4-5W).  Compared to
a laptop, you have to add a battery.


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