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Re: Current recommended automatic laptop network configuration tools?

On Thu, 30 Oct 2014, Brian Flaherty wrote:
> Like many, I have a laptop that I use in multiple settings:
> - home wired
> - home wireless
> - work wired
> - work wireless
> - roaming around (hotels, coffee shops, airports etc.)
> Right now, I used wicd, but I get different IPs at home whether I'm on
> wired or wireless. I'd like to set a static wired IP at home, but use
> dhcp wired at work.

I personally used to use a setup with guessnet-ifupdown and a mapping
for the interfaces that determined what the right thing to do was. You
can have this detect wired networks using arping and wireless networks
by essid pretty simply.

However, now that wireless networks are reasonably quick, I tend not to
bother with wired networks, and just use wpa-supplicant directly

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