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Re: Debian and Windows

Hi all.

I do not want to start a discussion of windows vs linux but some things
simply needs a correction.

On Fri, 2013-11-15 at 21:19 -0200, William Ivanski wrote:

> because of the APT system. It installs your software based on 
> dependency, so it installs a requires library, for example, only ONCE, 
> instead of many times the same library, which is the case for Windows 
> programs.

Windows also has an installer system and dependencies must only be
installed once, too.

> *About bluescreen, antivirus, etc*
> Linux don't have bluescreen.

But Linux has Kernel Panics. A bluescreen normaly shows that your system
has a problem. Either some hardware failed or you have a problem with
the drivers. So it is not a generic Windows problem.

>  In Linux, you don't need an antivirus. 
In the german users maillist was a discussion about that topic and some
people had the opinion, that an antivirus for pure linux systems is also

My recommendations are a little different. If someone does not know
Linux and does not have anyone near who can help, then I would not
suggest to use Linux. (As long as there are some things that you really
want to do!)
Start with a VM if possible. When you found out, how everything you need
works on Linux, then you found the right time to switch to Linux.

And also be aware: Windows 7 support ends quite soon. So users will have
to switch sooner or later which will include a new behavior of the
operating system. So it could be a good time to check out Linux.

With kind regards,

Konrad Neitzel <konrad@neitzel.de>

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