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Re: Debian and Windows

Good time of the day, Zeref,

About Debian being faster than Windows.
As an operating system, Debian (which is a distribution of Linux) is faster than Windows because of the way Linux kernel is designed. Things such as memory management, process scheduling, file system and permissions are better designed in Linux than in Windows.
However, certain applications (specially games) can run faster in Windows, because the drivers in Windows can be better if the manufacturer of those drivers develop them only for Windows. In such cases, in Linux we need to use generic drivers, or drivers that are written/modified by the community, thanks to open source philosophy.
Another reason Linux is faster, and requires less hard disk space, is because of the APT system. It installs your software based on dependency, so it installs a requires library, for example, only ONCE, instead of many times the same library, which is the case for Windows programs.

About why people still use Windows
Well, there are many reasons for that. First, they don't know Linux, their family and friends and co-workers use Windows... Gamers can still use Windows if certain game runs only in Windows and not in Linux. Keep that in mind, an executable that runs on Windows DOES NOT RUN ON LINUX, only if there is a version compiled to run on Linux, or if you are using Wine or a virtual machine.
Another reason, if you buy a scanner/printer, and it comes with an installation CD.. In the most cases, it runs only in Windows. It does not mean that you won't be able to use your scanner/printer, it only means that maybe an advanced feature/software from the CD won't run on Linux.
In my case, I use Linux in my personal computers, my work computers, and on the servers at my company, BUT at my company we still need to use Windows because there is an old application which runs only on Windows we need to run often.

About bluescreen, antivirus, etc
Linux don't have bluescreen. In Linux, you don't need an antivirus. Linux don't start to "pour". You don't have to clean Linux as you do in Windows (with Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner, etc).

My recommendation
I'm a programmer, I work with Linux for almost ten years, using it personally and managing Linux servers.
But, my father is not a programmer, and have little knowledge about computers. He used Windows for many years, to browse the web and play a little game sometimes. Twice a month he complained his Windows was slow, so I had to uninstall unnecessary garbage (browser toolbars, etc), and clean his Windows with Advanced SystemCare (I also had to remove viruses his free antivirus didn't catch).
One day that changed when I installed Debian with KDE on his computer. In few hours I explained how to use Debian, and the main differences. In about one week he was using his printer, writing documents in LibreOffice, browsing the web and playing Linux games with the same easy he did with Windows. But, I NEVER had to clean his computer again, and he NEVER had problem with viruses.
I also installed Wine in his computer and he play some Windows games as well =)

I sure forgot to mention something, but I hope you got the main idea.
You are right, Debian is sensational! =)


On 15-11-2013 19:55, zeref wrote:
Hi, I have used for many years, Microsoft's system, but because of what time of slower activity (requirements are increasing, and a laptop is getting old) I decided to resigned from their services. I have uploaded the Debian which apparently passes for a system operating efficiently, quickly and reliably, and in fact this is literally some works 3x faster than Windows
My version is 7.2 stable. How long can I expect to work before the system starts to "pour"? Is such a thing even has a place here? Under windows often had errors and bluescreen. I use the internet, sometimes I'll play a little game.
Does the system need antivirus? Do not get any messages to do so and protect your computer, just as it was in Windows. So far looks sensational and as much as I can not understand why people are using Windows, they switch to Debian that works soooo fast.
William Ivanski

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