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Debian and Windows

Hi, I have used for many years, Microsoft's system, but because of what time of slower activity (requirements are increasing, and a laptop is getting old) I decided to resigned from their services. I have uploaded the Debian which apparently passes for a system operating efficiently, quickly and reliably, and in fact this is literally some works 3x faster than Windows
My version is 7.2 stable. How long can I expect to work before the system starts to "pour"? Is such a thing even has a place here? Under windows often had errors and bluescreen. I use the internet, sometimes I'll play a little game.
Does the system need antivirus? Do not get any messages to do so and protect your computer, just as it was in Windows. So far looks sensational and as much as I can not understand why people are using Windows, they switch to Debian that works soooo fast.

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